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The first gynecological check-up, indicated after starting sexual life

The first gynecological check-up, indicated after starting sexual life
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What is the right age to have your first checkup? Theoretically, you should go to the doctor after having the first sexual contact or even after the appearance of the first period. It is good to have your mother with you when you go for a gynecological check-up for the first time. Of course, you will feel the need to have someone close to you.

It would be ideal to choose the same gynecologist as the mother, because he will be able to observe the possible genetically inherited traits much more easily.

Before going to the doctor, it is not advisable to abuse vaginal washes. Avoid using deodorant products, inserting eggs, creams, tampons into your vagina and, most importantly, do not have sexual contact.

1. When did you have your first period?

2. How many days does menstruation last and how many weeks does it occur?

3. How is bleeding during the menstrual cycle?

4. Do you have pain during menstruation?

5. When was your last cycle?

6. At what age did you start your sex life?

7. What method did you choose for protection?

To begin with, the breasts are the ones that receive the doctor’s attention. After making sure that there are no nodules, move on to the genitals. You will need to remain relaxed throughout the examination to allow your abdominal muscles to relax.

The doctor will always wear disposable gloves. Tell him if you feel pain in certain areas. If you’re still a virgin, don’t panic! The gynecologist will not use the valves or the speculum (a surgical instrument used to enlarge and examine certain parts of the body).

The most delicate part of the gynecological examination is when, with the help of two fingers that she inserts into the vagina, she will examine the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes.

This examination is necessary, however, to discover possible problems.


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