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What to do when he lies to you

What to do when he lies to you
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The period of lies is a somewhat natural stage in the child’s development process. But at the age of adolescence, such habits must become an alarm signal for parents.

To know how to get your teenager out of the habit of telling lies, it’s good to get involved as much as possible in his life and gain his trust.

Every lie has an explanation

A survey carried out in America showed that the main reasons why children lie are either to avoid a punishment or to “make a big deal”.

These types of lies, which propel him into the world of imagination, allow the child to keep his little frustrations at bay and to more easily overcome the realities he cannot face. Frequent lies from the child may suggest that he does not trust his own strength and that he feels safe in the shelter of a fictitious world.

Children’s lies, invented or exaggerated, may be related to an event that happened in the past. This can be an unpleasant experience that the child wants to forget or hide.

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Show him that you love him unconditionally

Often, the child does not lie with a bad intention, but to give the right answer, so that those around him are proud of him. For example, if he failed to be the best in the class, he lies to you that he is so, to win your affection. So tell him you’re proud of him, even if he doesn’t follow through on everything he sets out to do.

Do not ask him more than he can do, but take into account his physical and intellectual capacities. In addition, if the teenager has seen that his parents are not honest or that they are lying, he will come to consider the lie as a saving solution for his problems.

You can encourage him to be honest

When you catch him lying, keep calm. Reprimands, arguments and punishments only make him lie the next time.

Don’t be too hard on the child, but try to remember that the main purpose of a punishment is to encourage honesty. Win the child’s trust and explain to him that he should not be afraid of the consequences of the truth.

Mistakes can be fixed

Help him to correct his mistake when he caused harm to someone and apologize for hiding the truth. Explain to him that anyone who admits his mistake shows courage, plus that lies can only bring him difficulties.


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