Tips to put him to sleep more easily

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Don’t skip your afternoon nap

You might think that if he doesn’t nap in the afternoon, he’ll be more tired in the evening and go to bed earlier, but he needs a short afternoon nap at least until he’s 3 years old. If he is too tired in the evening, it will be even more difficult to convince him to put his head on the pillow. Even if he is so tired that he falls asleep earlier in the evening, he may miss dinner and wake up very early in the morning due to hunger. Set her bedtime earlier at noon and make sure she doesn’t sleep too much in the morning.

Stick to a sleep schedule

It is important for the little ones to have a routine, to know what is coming next. In terms of sleep, it’s also reassuring for you to have a sleep schedule, because it gives him time to do the housework or rest in turn. Do not negotiate this program and, in time, you will see that the little one will get used to the rules.

Relaxing activities before bed

Everyone needs a period of transition from the hustle and bustle of the house to the state of calm before settling down to sleep. For the little ones, the routine can even last half an hour or an hour, so be patient. Start by taking a bath, drink some milk with honey, brush your teeth, read a story or tell him a made-up story after you turn off the light. Repeat these steps identically every evening or make your own relaxation plan together.

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Let him sleep with his favorite toys

He will accept sitting in bed much more easily if he has his favorite things. Maybe he wants to have his dearest toy with him, a blanket, a blouse of yours, something that calms him down. Do not deny him this pleasure! If he is less than one year old, remember that it is not recommended to sleep covered because there is a risk of him suffocating in his sleep, but you can take him after he falls asleep deeply.

Sleep together

Even if many people tell you that it is better for him to sleep alone, he will rest best next to you, especially if he is very small, under 2 years old. He will feel safer than if he slept alone in a separate room. It is important for the small child to perceive your smell, your heartbeat.


The bedroom should not be the place you send him when he is punished, because he will associate that space intended for relaxation with an unpleasant one where he feels uncomfortable.