What you need to know about intimate hygiene in girls

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In the first weeks of life, little girls are very likely to have some secretions. These should not worry you, doctors say, because they are caused by exposure to female hormones received from the mother, before birth, a problem that is medically called “genital crisis”.

Because there is an increased risk of infection, careful care is needed. Thus, diapers must be changed often, because urine and faeces maintain a moist environment, favorable for the development of bacteria.

Vulvitis, frequent infection

Girls may develop vulvitis, an inflammation of the external genital organs. This condition can be prevented through proper hygiene. Thus, after changing the diaper, the intimate area must be washed with warm water, from the front to the back, to prevent bacteria from reaching the vagina. It is good to know that excessive use of soap for intimate hygiene can cause irritation. Therefore, for frequent washing, it is good to use only warm water. It is very important that the intimate area is cleaned carefully, so that no traces of urine or faeces remain on the skin.

Dry the skin in this area by dabbing with a soft, cotton towel. Attention, do not rub too hard, in order not to irritate the sensitive skin. Even if you are tempted to buy certain intimate hygiene products for your little girl, it is better to ask the doctor first, because they can cause some allergic reactions or irritation.

Careful cleaning of the intimate area after each diaper change and daily baths are sufficient for intimate hygiene, excessive washing is not indicated, as it can produce an imbalance in the skin.