7 myths about birth

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“It’s easier to give birth if you have big hips”

There is a preconception that women with prominent hips will give birth more easily compared to those with narrow hips, just as it is believed that the size of the fetus will make birth easier or more difficult. In reality, things are different. The bones of the fetus are not yet fused, allowing it to fit and move through the birth canal, which widens to allow it to be expelled. In conclusion, the birth will be easier depending on the position of the child at that moment, not on its size, and the size of the hips does not matter, but the shape and width of the pelvis.

“You can no longer give birth naturally if you have had a caesarean section”

It is not a rule. If you had a cesarean during the first pregnancy, the second time there is the possibility of giving birth normally. Depending on the reasons for the first caesarean section and the state of health during the second pregnancy, the doctor will decide which is the most suitable option for you.

“Epidural anesthesia can harm the baby”

There are risks and side effects associated with epidural anesthesia used for pain relief during childbirth. This decreases the sensitivity in the lower half of the body and can cause hastening the birth and the use of forceps. The myth that mothers who opt for epidural anesthesia endanger the fetus is untrue. On the other hand, the duration of the birth can be increased.

“Twins can only be born by caesarean section”

If the first born fetus is in a head-up position, vaginal birth could be life-threatening. On the other hand, if both babies are head down, doctors consider it safer to have a natural birth rather than a caesarean section.

“The second birth is less painful”

It is true that the next births that will follow the first will be faster, because the cervix, pelvic muscles and the birth canal are already “trained” from the first birth, so that less time will pass from the period of contractions to full dilations. But this does not necessarily mean that the pregnancy will last less, but in fact it will last less.

“You can only give birth lying on your back”

Almost more than half of women give birth sitting on their backs. Very few choose to give birth sitting on their side or sitting or resting on their hands and knees. Doctors claim that one of the most comfortable and less painful is the one in which the expectant mother sits in an upright position. The labor phase will be shorter and easier, the risk of using forceps to extract the child will be reduced, and the pain much less.

“Caesarean section is the easiest birth method”

Although it may seem easier, in reality, caesarean section requires a longer recovery time than natural birth. That is why it is a method that is usually resorted to only if absolutely necessary. C-section also involves a lot of risks such as the appearance of blood clots, infections and bleeding. In addition, every task is unique and different from the others, regardless of the chosen method.


Although it is practiced as a routine intervention, episiotomy is not mandatory in case of natural birth. Consult your doctor to see if it is absolutely necessary!