are you a parent Here are the mistakes to avoid!

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Don’t overprotect him

Some parents are extremely protective of their children, and this can have a negative impact on them. For example, many parents impose on their children a certain time until which they are allowed to stay in the city with friends. According to psychologists, the effect obtained will be exactly the opposite.

The child will feel constrained and will tend to do everything in his power to disobey this rule. In order to rebel against his parents, he will enter an environment that is usually harmful to him.

Don’t scold him if it’s not appropriate

In the parent-child relationship, arguing has its well-defined role: correcting wrong behaviors. But when it becomes a permanent tool of discipline, the child begins to suffer. For example, a bad grade at school should not always be followed by an argument, but rather the reason why the child does not excel in that subject should be found out. Otherwise, it can be inhibited, without the situation being resolved.

Follow your own rules

There are parents who make the mistake of imposing rules that they themselves cannot respect. For example, you cannot forbid your teenager to smoke, even though you are a heavy smoker. In such conditions, the child will never take a rule seriously and will grow up thinking that rules are made to be broken.