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Too loud music affects hearing

Too loud music affects hearing
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MP3, the main culprit

It is possible that you too have experienced the unpleasant effects of trauma in the ear area at least once. When leaving a concert or a club, your ears were “numb” because of the noises, and everything around was spinning at high speed. Moreover, the teenager, whose body is still developing, feels the negative effects of harmful decibels. According to studies, MP3 aging the inner ear, and young people are among the most affected. Young people who have hearing problems postpone the specialist consultation and go to the doctor when the lesions are definitive. Therefore, it is important to help your child take precautions.

Affects orientation in space

The longer the intensity and duration of exposure to loud sounds, the greater the risk of deafness. The pain threshold is at 120 decibels, but acute sound trauma occurs when this threshold is exceeded. Symptoms may fade after a few hours, but the array of these signals, called “hearing fatigue,”

it’s a warning sign. Following prolonged exposure to loud sounds, constant hearing disturbances and the sensation of loss of orientation in space may occur. One of the top causes of deafness in teenagers is loud music, followed by firecrackers, alarms and even the sounds of mobile phones.

Addiction may occur

Between 50 and 100 million Europeans use MP3 players, of which approximately 10 million are at risk of hearing loss because they sit with headphones on for hours at full volume. Among them, young people who have a passion for MP3 develop an accommodation with very intense sounds,

which in time translates

through a form of addiction. Thus,

if your child also has this problem, you must arm yourself with a lot of patience and show him why he is wrong. It is important for young people to be aware that deafness

it is a disability that affects all aspects of life related to family, social life or work.

When problems arise

If you are at a distance of one meter from the child and you have to shout to be heard, it means that the teenager is at risk of falling ill with deafness. Therefore, it is necessary to take him to the doctor to prevent diseases caused by ear trauma. Advise your child as when they are at concerts or discos, where the music

it’s too loud, don’t sit near the speakers. Also,

if he studies or sits

in a noisy environment and does not feel well, it is advisable to take regular breaks and sit in quiet and quiet places. However, at the slightest form of hearing disorder, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Plugs, solutions at hand

If you want to protect your child from the dangers of dangerous decibels, tell him to use cotton plugs when he is near speakers, for example. These are good for ear protection, provided they are used according to the product leaflet and not removed during noise exposure. However, they do not provide effective protection for sounds greater than 100 decibels.


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