Home Mom How can I help him stop stuttering?

How can I help him stop stuttering?

How can I help him stop stuttering?
How can I help him stop stuttering?

Talk to him more

To help him, even more, to get rid of stuttering, implement the relaxation tips recommended by the specialist, which have the role of eliminating the fear of saying difficult syllables. In addition, it is good to encourage the child to speak and to give him the feeling that you are more interested in what he wants to communicate than in how he pronounces it.

It is advisable to look at picture books together and comment on the pictures. But be careful, the child is the one who has to answer the questions you ask.

Do not postpone consultation with a speech therapist

In over two-thirds of cases, stuttering appears between 3 and 7 years. Although it is very widespread, in some families, the child’s speech disorder remains a taboo subject.

Specialists say, however, that this attitude of family members is not at all constructive, because they are the ones who can help them. So if you notice that the little one stutters, don’t hesitate to take him to a speech therapist, even if he is young. If you postpone the consultation with the speech therapist, the child could present this problem as an adult.

Increase his confidence in him

Specialists advise you not to ask the child to repeat the words or to speak less often because you will make him understand that he has a problem and thus scare him.

In addition, when he is in trouble, he does not finish words or sentences that he has started. It also did not force him to compete with the other children.


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