Home Mom Should children be allowed to get dirty?

Should children be allowed to get dirty?

Should children be allowed to get dirty?
Should children be allowed to get dirty?

Many have taken their role as parents very seriously, which is not a bad thing, but they have become overprotective, and this is not beneficial for children.

They go so far as to forbid children to play with a puppy.

Obviously, everyone should wash their hands when they enter the house, after using the toilets, and before sitting down at the table, but you shouldn’t overdo it.

Microbes are beneficial

The body of the little ones must learn to fight microbes, but how to do that if they don’t know what those harmful bacteria are? Humans are intelligently designed, being the possessors of the immune system. It produces antibodies to fight disease.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that excessive hygiene, as well as the use of antibiotics as a remedy for any infection, affects the immune system of children. Renowned microbiologists point out that the way this microbe problem is treated in children can have beneficial effects on the body as it develops, or not.

When we are born we have no microbes, and the immune system is not yet being developed to defend the body from all kinds of harmful factors. Babies begin to develop and are exposed to “germs”, no longer protected in the mother’s womb. Without these microbes, the immune system cannot fight infections.


Researchers link the appearance of allergies to the problem of extreme hygiene addressed by parents to raise their children. I also believe that inflammatory bowel diseases, autism, or obesity would be the consequences of this measure because the body has not learned to defend itself against microbes. Some studies have revealed that those little ones who sanitize all their food before eating it are more prone to asthma.


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