Indigestion in pregnancy? That’s how you fight it!

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Drink ginger or turmeric tea

Ginger is used successfully in case of indigestion, so if you have stomach problems prepare a ginger tea. It is recommended to drink it preventively, 30 minutes before the meal. In this way, you will have an easier digestion. Add ginger to salads or culinary preparations. However, do not exaggerate, but use a small amount of ginger per day, maximum 1 gram. And turmeric is known for its healing properties and for the fact that it soothes the symptoms of indigestion. Use this spice to make a tea or add it to your dishes, just like you do with ginger.

Eat little and often

When you have a full stomach you have a higher risk of indigestion. To prevent it, replace the 3 main meals with meals taken more often, in small portions, which are easier to digest. Remember that you need a varied diet, so that the baby receives all the nutrients it needs.

Avoid lying down after a meal

To reduce stomach hyperacidity and heartburn, eat 2-3 hours before going to bed and when you sit in bed, raise your shoulders and head higher than the rest of your body with the help of pillows.

Keep some bananas handy

With the help of bananas, you recover faster after indigestion. Bananas and ripe apples are among the only fruits that protect your stomach. The first contains flavonoids that make it a natural antacid.

Choose foods that prevent digestive disorders

Improve your digestion with the help of some foods beneficial during pregnancy, such as yogurt, sana, kefir, whipped milk, which contain probiotics and whole grains, fruits and vegetables, which bring you extra fiber. Probiotics support the immune system and the correct assimilation of nutrients. Fibers prevent bloating and favor the elimination of toxins and the good functioning of the digestive system. Among the fruits, citrus fruits stimulate the secretion of the pancreas which supports the digestion process.

Keep a food journal

To reduce the risk of indigestion, reduce the consumption of spices and coffee. However, it is possible that some healthy foods are not good for you, so it is advisable to keep a diary in which you write down what you have eaten to find out what gives you digestive disorders.