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The first steps in life with your baby. What to do?

The first steps in life with your baby.  What to do?

After pregnancy has put you through a real whirlwind of changes, you learn that the postpartum period can be just as difficult.


Now you and your baby are getting to know each other and settling into your daily routine, all of which can be overwhelming for many mums. Here are some tips that can help you see this period with different eyes and overcome it brilliantly.

No one is born learned

It is said that with birth, the maternal instinct also comes to life, which helps the new mother to fulfill her new duties with an unexpected naturalness. And it’s true, up to a point. Inevitably, every mother ends up having moments of insecurity at some point, because instinct is not enough and no one can know everything from the start.

Whether it’s about the baby’s hygiene routine or the sleep or meal routine, whether we’re talking about medical emergencies that can occur in the first weeks of life, all these are things that every mother learns step by step. If you want to make sure that you are correctly informed and that the advice comes from a specialist, you can always take a childcare course in Bucharest. Thus, you will feel better prepared for the challenges that await you when you get home with your little one.

Breastfeeding is a challenge that can be overcome with patience

Breastfeeding can be a real chore for mothers in the first days of their baby’s life, but with patience and tact, things will quickly take their normal course. In this regard, too, you can call on a specialist to guide you step by step, until you get to master all the necessary information: from how the baby should be held during breastfeeding to the digestion process.

It is also recommended to pay attention to other aspects, such as feeding during breastfeeding, in order to provide your baby with the nutrients necessary for a harmonious development. In addition, it is good to know which foods should be avoided during breastfeeding, so that you do not cause any discomfort to the little one.

Pay attention to the signals your body gives you

With the arrival of the baby, your whole world will undergo changes. The sleepless nights will begin to accumulate, the crying of the child will sometimes overwhelm you and you will feel, perhaps, that you have no more time and that nothing is going as you would like. This is completely normal as both you and your little one go through an adjustment period.

Postnatal depression is a normal biological phenomenon that more women go through than you might imagine. Be gentle with yourself, give yourself time and patience to learn everything you have to do, and give yourself a few minutes every day to just be with you. In this way, you can more easily observe and accept the states you are going through, and if you feel that you cannot control them, do not hesitate to ask for specialized help from a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist.

Time in twos vs. time in threes

The birth of a baby undoubtedly ends up changing the dynamics of the couple. The child’s father will have his own fears and needs, sometimes feeling neglected. Even you may end up feeling estranged from your sweetheart in the first few weeks after giving birth, but that can change. Even if it’s not just the two of you anymore, you can still do different activities together. Set up a movie night every week, the three of you go for a walk, talk, make plans! All this, although it may seem insignificant, helps a lot to strengthen the relationship of the couple during the period of adaptation to the new life.

No change is easy, least of all the change represented by the arrival of a new family member. But with patience and small steps, you can overcome these challenges together and start to really enjoy your little one.

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