The 7 statements with strong emotional impact that children should hear from their parents

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The relationship between parent and child affects the emotional and mental development of the little one. That’s why specialists recommend taking into account what children want to hear from their parents.

The stronger the bond between parent and child, the more he will later become a balanced adult with a beautiful soul. The virtual publication writes that it is enough for a parent to tell his child impact sentences. The right words said at the right time can do wonders in your little one’s life. If you are not happy with the education you received from your parents, think that you can do things differently, you have the opportunity to change something for the better.

What simple and beautiful words children need to hear from their parents

“I love you!”

Children need to hear that they are loved unconditionally. It’s not enough to wrap them up for bed or make them their favorite dessert. If it is difficult for you to say these words, try at least once a month and you will change things for the better between you and the little one.

“Fight for your dreams!”

Children need encouragement when they have lost hope. Of course, you don’t have to encourage something you don’t believe in or that isn’t really a positive act, but a beautiful action that will help him develop on a personal level. This way you will encourage him to follow his dreams, fight for his goals and become a fulfilled adult.

“We are proud of you”

Do you wonder what children want to hear from their parents? That they are proud of them! You don’t even realize how much these words will weigh in their soul. Specialists recommend that this sentence be said more often, not only when the child has done something special.

“I believe in you!”

Childhood and adolescence are periods filled with doubts and low self-esteem. Therefore, the parent should get more involved and make the little one gain more confidence in him. A few words of encouragement will count for a lot when his morale is down. No matter how tired you feel and no matter how busy you are, find at least a few free minutes to say something nice to your child.

“Can you forgive me?

It happens that parents make mistakes in front of their children, but there are few who admit their fault and ask their children for forgiveness. What do children want to hear from their parents at that moment? That they are sorry for what they have done and that they are willing to do anything to be forgiven. This way you will give him a good example for later in life, one that he will feel the need to follow with pride.

“Tell me how you did this?”

At some point in life, you will be surprised to discover that the little one knows more things than you. How many parents admit that their children are smarter than them? Too few! Instead of cutting off the child’s momentum, better ask him to explain what you don’t understand. You will learn new things during this time and the connection between you will become stronger.

“I’m always here for you!”

What do children want to hear from their parents? That they are there when they need their support. Even if they want more independence and sometimes they seem quite rebellious, they still want in their soul to know that you are with them. They need your advice, even if they don’t always choose to follow it. Let them make mistakes from time to time, because that way they will learn valuable lessons and prepare better for life.