Woolen clothes irritate children’s skin

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What are the symptoms?

Atopic dermatitis affects 10-15% of children and appears most of the time in the first years of life.

It is manifested by red areas covered with watery blisters and crusts, accompanied by strong itching, at the level of the elbow, knees or neck. The skin is dry, the pallor of the face and small blisters with liquid on the cheeks and forehead are observed.

Why does it appear?

The cause of the disease is not known. It is assumed that it is about genetic factors, since it has been observed that the parents of children with atopic dermatitis tend to develop allergic skin reactions or bronchial asthma. Various immune defects are also suspected.

What are the recommended treatments?

– creams with hydrocortisone;

– emollients (moisturizers), applied generously after bathing;

– compresses with plain water or boiled and cooled water;

– sprays with antibiotics and dermatocorticoids, when skin infections occur;

– the clothes should be washed with mild detergents that do not contain perfumes, and the rinsing should be abundant;

– clothes made of synthetic materials or wool should be avoided.