This is how you prevent diabetes in teenagers

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Don’t be defeated by obesity!

One of the main causes of type II diabetes is obesity. It happens that the pancreas can produce insulin, but the body no longer responds to it as it should precisely because of obesity. In the past, only overweight adults were diagnosed with type II diabetes, but in recent years teenagers are also among the diabetes sufferers for the same reason: excessive body weight. Therefore, by taking steps to prevent obesity in your teen, you will eliminate the possibility that he will suffer from diabetes.

Help him get in shape!

If your teenager gets used to exercise, the risk of being diagnosed with diabetes drops dramatically. Encourage him to have a group of friends to play sports with, or go out with the family on weekends to a park or hike in the mountains whenever possible. Even if it will be hard to urinate at first, it is worth the effort, especially for teenagers. It is important that especially you, as a parent, show him that you are active and that you take advantage of your free time to exercise.

Goodbye sedentary activities!

Help your teen be active. It does not allow him to spend too much time in front of the computer or the TV with sedentary activities. These lead to a high consumption of carbonated drinks and calories from sweets or dry foods. Accompany him to a gym or convince him to go on his own to exercise regularly.

Fast food is the favorite of teenagers. It’s hard to give them up completely, because an outing with friends usually leads to fast food. Make sure that at least at home and at school he eats healthy, without fats, but only foods rich in nutrients such as cereals (without sugar), fruits, vegetables. These help him grow up healthily without the risk of being diagnosed with diabetes.

Go with your teen to the doctor for regular checkups.