Tips for moms: Smart ideas to organize your shoes


Regardless of the size of your shoe collection, organizing them makes it easy to always have them in order and also to find them without turning your closet upside down.

Depending on the type of shoes and the season, the storage solutions you have are the following:


The closet is one of the most common places to store shoes. Before you start sorting, make a proper distinction: winter, spring, summer shoes. Be sure to donate pairs you don’t wear or ones that aren’t comfortable. Discard anything that is worn or beyond repair. Then count how many pairs of each type you have so you know how much space you’ll need.

Tiered shoe racks within the closet are ideal for frequently worn shoes. If there are shelves again, place the shoe boxes (don’t forget to write the type of shoe in each box).

You can also hang special cases in the closet with many places for shoes.


The transparent boxes protect the shoes from dust and moisture. Get in different sizes to store children’s boots, ankle boots, sports shoes. You can stack them on top of each other to save space, in the pantry or simply under the bed.

Hanging shelves or shoe racks

Hanging shelves or shoe racks are ideal for organizing your family’s shoes. The most suitable place is under the stairs or behind the door.

Get even more ideas for organizing your shoes in the video below: