Tips for moms: How to clean stains from the sofa


Difficult to avoid stains on the living room sofa even if you use throws.

But it is even more difficult to clean them, especially if the fabric of the sofa is not removed.

Ideally not let the stains soak and remove them immediately, using absorbent paper or cloth avoiding excessive rubbing.

However, this is not always possible and as a result the stains remain for a long time.


Bucket of cleaners.


Cleaning non-removable fabric

First you can try baking soda. Spread it on the fabric of the sofa for an hour (more if it’s easy) and then vacuum.

However, if the fabric of the sofa has faint stains and dirt, you can follow the following procedure:

  • Pour some liquid dishwashing detergent into a bowl of water and stir the mixture well to create a lather.
  • Remove the foam from the top of the water with a cloth and gently rub the fabric on the fabric of the sofa. Try to avoid getting water on the fabric and just use the foam.
  • Dampen the clean cloth with water only and wring it out so that it is damp but not dripping, then wipe the sofa fabric to remove the suds.
  • Repeat the process as many times as necessary to clean the sofa. It helps to use a fork to create more foam when needed.
  • Use a fan or hair dryer avoiding hot air to dry the fabric faster and to avoid water shadows on the fabric.

If there are stains on the sofa from markers, pencils, pens and even cosmetics, they are removed with alcohol solution. Take a clean gauze, pour alcohol and clean the stain.

Depending on the type of sofa fabric, you can use lemon juice by dissolving 7-10 drops in 200 ml of water. With a gauze or a clean cloth, clean the stain by letting the lemon juice solution act for 10-15 minutes.

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