Home Mom Tips for moms: The mistake you make when cleaning a stain from the carpet

Tips for moms: The mistake you make when cleaning a stain from the carpet

Tips for moms: The mistake you make when cleaning a stain from the carpet

Carpet stains are common especially if there are children in the house.

The best solution is to remove them immediately by cleaning locally with natural materials and a clean cloth or sponge.

Even if getting ready to pull up the rugs and give them for cleaning, make sure, if there are stains, to remove them so that when you lay them again next year they will be spotless.


Woman scrubs the carpet with a sponge.


The mistake you make when cleaning a carpet stain

Most people as soon as something falls on the carpet rush to rub the stain with a sponge or cloth thinking that they are cleaning it. But in reality, with rubbing the stain – especially if it is sauce or wine – is absorbed more into the fibers of the carpet and at the same time spreads.

The the secret is to dab the stain with a microfiber cloth or absorbent paper. Then, spray the cleaner on a sponge and rub the stain in circular motions until it is gone. Finally, make sure to clean it with a wet but well-fitted cloth (or sponge).

How to remove old stains from carpets

If you don’t know what the stain is made of, create an all-purpose cleaner by mixing equal amounts of water and vinegar and a little dish soap. Next, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the stain and spray the mixture over it. Wait for it to dry and then vacuum. If it doesn’t clear the first time, repeat again.


He is trying to clean the carpet.

How long can I leave the vinegar or baking soda on the carpet?

Allow the vinegar to dry completely before cleaning it and the baking soda for at least 12-24 hours. If you remove both materials too quickly, you will not get the desired result.

Shaving Foam

A simple and effective way to remove certain stains is also Shaving Foam. Apply a generous amount of foam to the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Then rub gently with a clean cloth.

If you use stain removers and your carpet has bright colors, test them on an inconspicuous spot first to prevent discoloration.

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