Tips for moms: What will happen if you leave the washed clothes in the washing machine


It has happened to you to put a washing machine in the evening and forget until the next morning.

What do you do in this case? Do you hang clothes or rewash them?

According to Martha Stewart it depends on if and how strongly they smell.

“Ideally you should lay out the clothes immediately after washing, however if they stay overnight in the bin the … disaster did not come. If they don’t smell, spread them outside to dry”she suggests.

How long can you leave clothes in the washing machine?

The exact time you can leave wet clothes in the washing machine depends on several factors such as the detergent, the temperature of the wash water, if you choose extra rinse, if you use bleach.

Especially the washed white clothes in which you also use bleach can stay in the bin overnight without having an unpleasant smell the next day.

From the moment you open the bin and feel the smell of mold reach your nostrils, then without a second thought you should wash the clothes again.

Woman takes the clothes out of the washing machine.

How to prevent clothes from smelling bad

Often, the unpleasant smell does not come from the clothes but from the washing machine. That’s why it’s important to clean it at regular intervals, emphasizing not only the bin but also the washing compartments as well as the rubbers on the door.

Washing machine compartment cleaning

To disinfect and effectively clean the washing machine compartment, you can use a general-purpose cleaner.
Remove the pouch and place it in a bowl of warm water. After letting it sit for a few minutes, spray it with the all-purpose cleaner and scrub it thoroughly with a sponge or an old toothbrush until all the mold and dirt is gone.

Cleaning the drum and hoses of the washing machine

To disinfect the bin and the tires located on the door, you will need materials you already have at home: baking soda, vinegar, and water.