Tips for moms: Should you wash canned vegetables or not?


Even if you don’t often buy canned food, you will still have some in your pantry with legumes, vegetables or fruits.

They are also a quick solution if you haven’t had time to cook and want something quick and easy.

Can canned food be washed?

From nutritious black beans to chickpeas and corn, the variety of canned foods is wide. The question that arises is whether they need to be washed before consumption.

Some people choose to wash it off with water corn or beans while others still do not, as they believe that the taste and texture may be affected. But it seems there’s a more important reason why it’s a good idea to wash them canned vegetables your.


Canned beans.


Turns out there’s an important reason to wash canned vegetables with plenty of water. While you may rinse grains of rice or canned beans to rid them of excess starch, rinsing vegetables serves another purpose. To preserve their taste many canned foods have a lot of salt. High levels of salt in the diet contribute to many problems, including an increased risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, according to Harvard.

The only way to make sure you’re not eating more sodium than you need is to wash all your canned vegetables thoroughly before cooking them.


Fresh pineapple.


Unlike vegetables, canned fruit (e.g. pineapple) contain extra sugar to preserve them. However, you may notice a change in taste if you rinse them.

In general, it’s good before buying canned food look at labels to see how much sodium and sugar you have and how you can consume them.

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