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Tricks to do well in the exam

Tricks to do well in the exam
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It is somewhat normal to be nervous before an exam. But if this condition prevents him from remembering the learned material and he cannot solve the subjects, it is time to take action. If he can’t get over his fear and can’t focus on the exam, teach him to use the stress to his advantage.

Explain to them that they may make mistakes, but this does not necessarily mean that they will fail the exam. His attitude should be one of confidence in the knowledge he has acquired and in his ability to successfully pass the exam.

Teach him to organize his time

If he is well prepared, the emotions will be much less. Therefore, you can help him organize himself so that he has time to go through all the material and then do a recap. Suggest that he write down the dates of his exams and, if he has more than one, to plan the days he allocates to studying each subject.

It is good to give more time to the study of the subjects in which they encounter the greatest problems. Probably the older he is, the more reluctant he will be to let you help him learn or recap. However, try to do a weekly recapitulation of the subject learned until then.

Provide him with a quiet environment

Sufficient sleep and substantial meals are very important for his success in the exam. If he’s exhausted on test day, the fact that he’s spent the last few nights studying won’t do him any good. He won’t be able to concentrate and won’t remember much of the subject. Give him time to relax. Apart from lost nights, a break from studying is beneficial for recharging the batteries.

It should not be pressed

It doesn’t need additional stress from you either. The fear of failure and the constant pressure you subject him to do nothing but overwhelm him. If you add big emotions, its results will not be what you hoped for.

Don’t give him the impression that if he doesn’t pass the exam it will be the end of the world. Even if he fails the exam, he will have the chance to take it again and no one in the family should make it a tragedy. Encourage him and reassure him that he will manage.

What to do on the day of the test

Make sure he eats a light breakfast. Eggs and cereal with milk will give him energy for a few hours, so they are the recommended options. “You worked very hard, you did your best” and “Calm down, it’s just a test” are some of the encouragements he needs before entering the exam room.

Drive him to school if he wants and make sure you have enough time to get there, so as not to stress him out about missing the exam.

During the exam

Here’s what he should do once he’s received the topics:

– To read the requirements of the exercises carefully, in order to understand what is being asked of him. – Even if it seems to him that he does not know anything at the first reading of the subjects, he must gather himself and think carefully about the solution. As he remembers what to write, he will become more confident and calmer. – To plan his time according to the difficulty of the exercises. – To start first with what he knows and then move on to what he finds more difficult. – To concentrate on the test and solve the exercises without rushing. – When he can no longer concentrate, count to ten and breathe deeply a few times. Before handing in the work, he must review it all. Maybe he realizes that he made a mistake or maybe he notices that he skipped an exercise. – After the test comes the moment of conclusions. If he is not satisfied with the result, it is not necessary to ask him again.


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