Home Mom Want a dental gem? Explain what this entails!

Want a dental gem? Explain what this entails!

Want a dental gem?  Explain what this entails!
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Dental jewelry has recently become increasingly popular among young people. They involve gluing on the surface of a tooth, usually on the lateral incisor on the upper arch, a semi-precious or precious stone, a Swarowsky crystal or a small piece of gold or platinum jewelry. These “accessories” have some drawbacks, which you should expose to your teenager.

They increase the risk of caries

Those who have such a gem on one of their teeth must maintain a very rigorous oral hygiene. Otherwise, bacterial plaque will accumulate around the stone or metal, and this favors the deposition of tartar. Consequence? High risk of tooth decay and, implicitly, premature removal of the jewel.

Temporary ones are safer

If your teen wants the jewelry to be permanent, explain to him that this decision will cost him the health of the tooth he is applying. This is because permanent jewelry involves embedding them in the tooth, thus destroying the enamel, which favors caries. In addition, if the teenager decides at some point to remove the jewelry, he will be left with a “defective” tooth that will need to be replaced. Temporary jewelry is glued with special adhesives, of the type used for dentures, which dentists assure us are safe. They are easily removed, without affecting the tooth, but only at the dentist. Therefore, they are a much safer option.

Refer him to a dentist

If, however, your teenager is adamant and wants the jewelry despite the disadvantages, refer him to a dental office to apply it. Don’t let him apply the jewelry himself with a poor quality adhesive, such as fake nail glue, not intended for internal use. Otherwise, not only will the jewelry not last on the tooth, but it can cause toxic reactions, which are manifested by inflammation of the gums and the appearance of irritations on the mucous membrane of the mouth. The dentist will use safe adhesives, even if the “fun” will cost more. In addition, before applying the adhesive and jewel, the dentist will treat the tooth with a mineralizing gel, for good adhesion.

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