Tricks to memorize easily

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The first rule of thumb for success is to always read all the material you need to learn. You will find that you retain, without difficulty, the information that you find interesting and that you like. But this is not enough to be prepared for the examination. For example, studies show that when we memorize, we retain best the information read and heard at the beginning and the information at the end. Therefore, a good idea would be that when you have a large amount of information to learn, divide it into equal chunks. After you finish reading those passages, take breaks. In this way, your brain will be helped to retain the information and you will remember more easily what you need to know.

Do not memorize mechanically!

In order to remember what you learn, you have to memorize it logically, otherwise you may have unpleasant surprises, including not remembering anything, even though you have wasted hours learning mechanics. That is why it is advisable to understand the information you are reading. When you come across terms you don’t know, document yourself, find out what they mean and then replace them with your own words. In this way it will be easier to reproduce what you have learned.

It is best to learn with a pencil in hand. This way you can underline the passages that you consider important, you can check the information that you need to insist on more because it is harder to remember. If you use colors in different shades, you will remember the respective passages even more easily, because the visual memory will also intervene. Another method would be to use drawings, when the information can be schematized. This is useful because you extract what is important and at the same time have a visual representation of it. Therefore, you increase your chances of easily recalling what you have memorized.

Discuss with teachers and colleagues

Some information is easier to remember if it is told to colleagues or if you discuss it. When you need clarification, it’s good to ask teachers or colleagues who are masters of the subject, clarifying details. This helps you understand certain things that were unclear to him and that made it harder for you to reproduce the learned information.

You know best what time of day you learn best. Take advantage of those moments when you feel fit to learn because then your performance will be maximum. In addition, you need to be fed properly because otherwise you won’t be able to concentrate enough. Dietary supplements such as vitamins and those with lecithin can help you during periods of intense stress such as the Baccalaureate.