Remedies for pregnancy stretch marks

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A diet rich in zinc

When you have already found out that you are pregnant, then you should write down on your list of healthy foods those rich in zinc, silicon, vitamin A, C and D, i.e.: carrots, citrus fruits, dairy products, eggs, soy, wholemeal bread, ocean fish . These foods will stimulate the production of collagen, the substance that gives elasticity to the skin, and will protect it from the factors that age it: sun, pollution, stress.

Exercise and plenty of fluids daily

Even if you are tired of hearing that you need to drink 2 liters of water a day, this is a very effective remedy against stretch marks. Water hydrates and tones your skin and improves blood circulation at this level. As for exercise, daily try to do special gymnastics for pregnant women, if you are allowed, or take a 30-minute walk in the park. Exercises give you muscle tone and skin elasticity, and this results in fewer stretch marks.

Homemade anti-stretch mark creams

If you are a fan of natural products, we give you the recipes of some creams that you can prepare at home. Every morning and evening, apply a generous layer of cream and massage gently. It’s good to make a ritual out of this massage. You will see that after you give birth, you will not have stretch marks on your belly or thighs.

1. Cream with olive oil

Mix 6 tablespoons of olive oil, 6 tablespoons of aloe vera gel, 4 ampoules of vitamin A, 4 ampoules of vitamin E, a few drops of propolis tincture and half a teaspoon of calendula cream. Put the obtained cream in a box and keep it in a cool place.

2. Aloe vera cream

Put 50 ml of olive oil, 30 ml of aloe vera gel, 4 vitamin E capsules and 2 vitamin A capsules in a bowl, mix them and put them in an old cream box. You apply it to the skin after showering, so that it is more easily absorbed by the skin.

In the trade you can find a whole range of products that treat or prevent stretch marks for expectant mothers. Choose the one you like the most and don’t forget to apply it daily, at least twice. Even if a few stretch marks have started to appear, apply these creams and you will see that they will fade away in no time.