Tips for moms: The trick to keeping dust off furniture


No matter how often you dust, dust always makes its appearance at an unsuspecting time and on most surfaces.

If the furniture has a dark color, it looks even more intense.

Because we know that dusting isn’t one of your favorite household chores, we’ve been trying to come up with some clever tricks that will keep the dust away for longer.

Woman Cleans Office In The Yellow Gloves Wipes The Dust Off The Office Desk

Woman dusts a wooden surface.


Let’s see the most effective:

Baby oil

A simple and at the same time smart way to prevent the accumulation of dust on your furniture is baby oil.

THE Ryan McDonoughinterior design expert at , recommends baby oil as the ideal solution to remove dust from wooden surfaces such as shelves, tables and TV stands.

“Apply a small amount of baby oil to a cleaning cloth and wipe the wooden surfaces in a circular motion. Don’t try this on your wooden floors as it won’t have the effect you want, plus it will be slippery.” emphasizes.

It is important not to overdo it with the amount. A few drops are enough.

Fabric softener

In addition to baby oil and the use of conditioner could prevent the accumulation of dust.

In a spray bottle, mix together two tablespoons of conditioner and one cup of water and shake well before use.

Spray the mixture on a cleaning cloth to wet it and wipe the wooden surfaces.

spitiko sprei gia kseskonisma.  jpg

Young woman removes dust with cloth and liquid cleaner.


Dust often collects in places that are difficult to clean completely, such as the inside of lampshades, blinds and skirting boards.

When this happens, try removing the dust with an old but clean sock. Place it over your hand and wipe not only the difficult spots but also the wooden surfaces with one of the above products.

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