Tips for moms: The way you cut the onion changes its taste


Cutting the onion is usually accompanied by…tears.

And sometimes the onion is so hot that no matter how much safety distance you have, it is impossible to stop crying.

Onion flavor

You may have noticed that sometimes its flavor is stronger or vice versa, even though the variety of onion remains the same.

There are several factors that account for this: the amount of onion you use, how long you cook it, whether you chopped or grated it. However, it turns out that the flavor of the onion changes depending on how you cut it.

Chopped Onions In A Bowl And Pieces Of Onions On The Tray With A Knife.  On Wooden Background

The way you cut the onion also changes its taste.


Cut onion and taste

The experts at Cook’s Illustrated cut the onion in two different ways.

One was the horizontal cut (washers) and the other was the vertical cut (top to bottom).

According to their results, onions cut vertically were noticeably less aromatic both in taste and smell compared to those cut into slices.

There is even a scientific explanation for this: onions produce a substance called thiosulfinates from which the intense flavor comes.

The strong taste and smell occurs when this substance reacts with the proteins of the vegetable. This happens when cells are damaged, such as when you use a knife. By cutting the onion into slices, the damage you cause to the cells is less while lengthwise you have the opposite effect.

This cutting method will give better flavor and save you a lot of tears.