Tips for moms: Which parts of the kitchen need daily cleaning


There are certain places in the kitchen that you need to disinfect – almost – daily to keep it clean and tidy.

This way you will need less time to clean it as dirt will not accumulate.

Which areas need daily cleaning:


One of the dirtiest parts of the kitchen is without a doubt the sink. Makes sense, if you consider how often you use it every day. The good news is that they are generally easy to clean. Use vinegar or baking soda and warm water to scrub and disinfect it.


It may be self-explanatory to clean the kitchen counter, but that doesn’t mean you’re disinfecting it. Ideally, shortly after dinner, clean the counter with a sponge on which you have poured vinegar. Alternatively, scrub the counter with liquid dishwashing detergent and a squeeze of lemon.


Don’t forget to clean the kitchen counter every day.


Refrigerator door

We open and close the refrigerator many times a day and not always with clean hands. That is why it is good to clean the door and the handle of the refrigerator often and if possible every day.

Kitchen knobs

What is true for the refrigerator, something similar is also true for the kitchen cabinets. Germs accumulate on the knobs and are very easily transmitted. So be sure to clean them with disinfectant wipes or an anti-microbial spray.


How often do you clean the switches in the kitchen? If you are trying to remember when the last time was, it is enough to observe not only the switch but also around it. You will realize how there is dirt as well as germs (not visible to the naked eye).