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Memory diseases start at the age of 45

Memory diseases start at the age of 45
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In Romania, memory diseases are poorly diagnosed and there is no National Plan for their Prevention, and doctors and assistants are not specialized in the field.

The age at which the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other memory diseases appear has decreased, mainly due to anxiety and depression not treated in time, social and professional stress, economic crisis and uncertainty of tomorrow, unhealthy eating, disorders affective, self-medication, lack of communication, hormonal imbalances and cranio-cerebral traumas.

Another important factor in decreasing the age of manifestation of memory diseases and Alzheimer’s is the unhealthy diet, consisting of fast food or genetically modified products.

Regarding the lack of communication, the authors of the study state that virtual interaction does not replace face-to-face communication. According to them, the lack of emotional involvement, of personal dialogue negatively affects the brain.


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