adolescence: Best Tips for parents 2023


Give it your full attention

Now is the most important time, when all your attention must be directed to him and his problems. For the teenager, now is the period of glory when he pencils in his dreams, and develops his talents. Now he needs you the most.

His social life must be observed discreetly

Do not put restrictions on him and give him the freedom to manage his own time dedicated to friends, and school. Now he feels the need to belong and integrate into certain social groups.

Criticize him less often

Let him discover his own style of clothing, see exactly who his friends are and what is the difference between friends and acquaintances. If you’re always going to criticize his choices, you’ll only push him further away from you.

Give him advice only when he asks for it

This is the biggest and most common mistake when it comes to communicating with your teenager. Anyway, he is aware that you can always help him, but nobody likes to have his authority and decision-making power undermined. Respect his privacy and wait for him to come and ask for your help.

Be generous with praise

He has to tidy up his room, but that doesn’t mean that a positive remark is not accepted. Sometimes it is advisable to look at the glass half full. A well-timed compliment can help him enormously to boost his self-esteem.