How to get your kid to eat healthy?

How to get your kid to eat healthy




Be creative

If you arrange, for example, on his plate for breakfast, some food that you make look very ingenious to catch his eye, he will certainly not refuse you for putting carrots or a boiled egg for him to eat in the morning.

Obviously, the child is still a child, his mind is focused on what he sees on TV and he does not understand how toxic some foods are for the body. If it’s a little girl, you can create their favorite cartoon star (Hello Kitty) out of food. If it’s a boy, you can make a little animal or a robot. You could even make a maze.

Set him a meal schedule

And children, like adults, need to eat three meals a day + two snacks and let’s not forget, to consume a lot of liquids. If you’re going on a road trip, you can take some boxes with fruit, some with vegetables and water.

Plan the menu for the day

It would be good if on Sunday you make a list of what you want to cook for the whole week so that the child has a balanced diet and does not make whims that he eats the same thing every day. Don’t forget proteins (lean turkey meat, beans, cheese), fibers, vitamins, and minerals.

You could replace the white bread with one made from wholemeal flour to which seeds are added. It would be beneficial to teach the child why grain bread is good (wheat, oat, barley, rye) and if you have a bread-making oven at home, you can involve him in the bread-making process. Children love to make little chefs, so they will be happy if you take them shopping and prepare delicious meals together.

Set a good example

You can prepare for each member of the family the food he likes, then sit down at the table. Children tend to copy the actions of adults, so if they see you eating certain vegetables, they will start to do the same.

Avoid forcing it

The more often you tell him “eat your fruit”, “why didn’t you eat the carrot, spinach” your child will be stubborn to please you. Probably, if you take him to his grandparents on vacation and he learns how to plant vegetables or fruit trees, he will learn why they are good for health and why it is good to eat from farmers and not from the supermarket.

Gradually introduce new types of food

The little one must first get used to the flavor of the new food, for example, spinach. He won’t eat the whole portion of spinach, to begin with. It would help to tell him that Popeye the Sailor has a lot of strength and ate a lot, a lot of spinach.

Doesn’t want to eat vegetables?

Prepare some yogurt-based sauces, cut the vegetables into strips, and show him how tasty they are if you dip them in the sauce. Make sure that the sauces are natural, so don’t buy them from the store.

Do not completely forbid them some sweet snacks

It allows the child to taste a cookie, an ice cream, a snack, juice, or popcorn from time to time. Try, however, that the little pleasures do not contain e’s. If you don’t let them eat food from the store or fast food that often, you shouldn’t either because you’re setting an example for the child.