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How the Apgar score is given

How the Apgar score is given
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Newborn assessment is performed one minute and five minutes after birth and looks at five important elements: breathing, skin color, heartbeat, reflexes and muscle tone. Each receives a grade of 0, 1 or 2, thus the maximum score obtained is 10. An Apgar score of 7 and above is considered normal, the one between 4 and 6 indicates the child’s need for oxygen to be helped to breathing, and babies scoring between 0 and 3 require intensive resuscitation. Here are the criteria for evaluating the newborn!

Skin color

Pink – 2 Pink body and bluish extremities-1 Pale, blue-0


Over 100/minute -2

Under 100/minute – 1



Normal, crying-2

Weak, irregular-1


Muscle tone

Lively movements-2

Movements of the extremities only-1


The reflexes

Cough, sneeze-2

Grimace- 1

No answer-0

Good to know!

– most babies get grade 9 due to the fact that, in the first minute after birth, the extremities are purple, not pink

– the Apgar score can be influenced by some antenatal sufferings, such as decreased blood flow to the fetus; this flow can also be affected by a more difficult labor

– children who get a score lower than 6 may develop some neurological disorders, so it is good to be monitored by a doctor


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