Movement in water increases joint mobility

Movement in water increases joint mobility

Aquatic gymnastics relaxes the muscles

Due to the fact that it allows performing different types of movements in warm water, is also used to increase joint mobility. This form of movement relaxes the muscles and helps reduce pain.

It helps to increase muscle resistance

It can be done both in individual and collective pools or in swimming pools. To obtain a calming and relaxing effect, the water in the pools must be around 35-36°C.

The duration of a session varies from 10-15 minutes to a maximum of one hour, and for visible effects, a frequency of 2-3 times a week is recommended, carried out during at least 3 consecutive months.

Indications of hydrokinetotherapy

The best results were observed in the case of the disc and disco vertebral disorders, such as cervical, dorsal, and kyphosis, as well as scoliosis.

It is also recommended in cardio-respiratory ailments, in order to retrain physically to effort, in pregnancy, and in recovery after childbirth.

It is contraindicated for those with heart disease or skin lesions

If you are known to have cardiac problems, it would be better to choose outdoor walks. After the skin lesions have healed, you can confidently turn to the movement in the water and enjoy its beneficial effects.